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PAS 2035 Retrofit Assessment Training

Well presented course by a knowledgeable trainer.

Dylan Morris

Very Thorough, Highly Recommended

Nothing to be improved.  Must say I have taken a lot of exams and participated in many training sessions, but this was by far the best in terms of delivery, content and execution.

Would be good to continue CPD work online for those of us out in the sticks!

Lesley Ann Simkins

Amazing Training THE BEST BY FAR!

Angela’s a credit to stroma, I have done a few courses over the last few month, this was the best one! By far
Angela kept everyone interested and kept everyone interacted in the course, she mad it enjoyable to learn. Not only her teaching ways but her knowledge is second to none, any questions she answered not just with a book answer but with a full explanation to where, how and why! She made sure before moving on that everyone understood what had just been discussed and was willing to stop the course to make sure you understood which was brilliant!
Keep up the good work Angela and look forward to the next 1!!

Keiron Wells

Knowledge in the Industry is Second to None

The way the course was set out was very good , very informative and easy to understand.
I think it was made easy for the candidates by the way it was delivered by the trainer as her knowledge within the industry is second to none.

Brian Wells

Managing Director

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