On-Site Post Course Qualification Support


Because sitting the course and achieving your qualification, is only half the battle.

We always say that passing your DEA course, is like your driving test… You pass your test, then you ‘learn to drive’.  Energy Assessment is no different, that first assessment post qualification, can be really daunting.  

Anyone who has worked with us knows, that we are PASSIONATE about good quality Energy and Retrofit Assessors, who are not just about making ‘quick money’, but more about ‘doing the right thing’ by occupants and home owners.  JWPS won’t just train and qualify, we will mentor you once qualified.

Watch our short video and see if any of this speaks to you.

This service doesn’t just appeal to new entrants to the Energy Sector, but Businesses, already working in Retrofit, who need to ‘sense check’ their existing PAS 2035 Assessor Teams, to ensure the surveys being conducted, are accurate, consistent and correct.

Keep our integrity in tact and value the work we do, in order to benefit, not just your business, but the people who need advice and support. 

If you want to discuss how we could help your assessment process, or confidence in the field, please contact us now on 0333 090 2211, or fill in the contact form below.

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