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With over 25 years experience in sales across the globe, JWPS has developed Sales Training that can be adapted to suit any industry, from retail to construction. 

With more competition, increased commoditization of products and services and considerably more informed buyers exhibiting sophisticated buying behaviour. Sitting a salesperson at a desk with a phone and a business directory and saying “Go” just won’t hack it any more.  So how do you tap into that stream of potential clients?  How do you utilise your company’s strengths to improve sales performance?
This is where JWPS Sales Training comes in.

Our bespoke training will help you unleash your company’s sales potential through analysis and planning and will provide you with a roadmap for growth. Our process involves:

  • Identifying and developing the right people
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Identifying customer needs and wants
  • Developing a sales strategy
  • Structuring your company and sales team for growth
  • Providing you with the tools to achieve growth

Our approach is 100% bespoke to your business; there is no “one size fits all” sales strategy. We provide SLA driven results and a personal touch, that isn’t driven wholly by statistics, but also embraces the behavioural side of sales.

Sales Closing and Objection Handling

One of the most common, hardest, yet simplest questions to ask in sales…. “do we have a deal?”  Sales people spend hours with clients building rapport, finding common ground and asking a series of different questions throughout the sales engagement process, but don’t like to ask for the business at the end of it, why?

Our 1-day training workshop, is specifically dedicated to sales closing techniques and objection handling.  We will show you some of the most popular closes and how you can apply them to suit your business, whatever your industry, whatever your job! 

We will overcome all the common objections:

  • “It’s too expensive”
  • “We need to think about it”
  • “We are just looking”

We know you will leave this day armed with the tools you need to increase your sales performance.  This interactive training workshop, will see you question your current sales behaviours and encourage you to understand the simple psychology before, during and after a sale has been made.

This day is suitable for anyone wanting to understand the sales closing cycle and perfect for any business owners, who have new, or existing team members, that need a little more encouragement when it comes to asking for the business and closing the sale.

We will spend time with you to understand your business and find the way to best support your business and colleagues.


Courses are available online and in person.


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