Accredited Training

JWP Success is a Highfields Accredited Training Centre, which means that we can write content specific material and award you with a ‘standard’.


What does this mean to me?

If you are a large company wanting customers to recognise you as an industry ‘leader’ for quality, this is the option for you. 


Think Greggs the bakers, think Marks & Spencer the retailers, think Amazon, think McDonalds… all of these businesses (to name a few) have their own internal training programmes, which all employees must go through, prior to customer exposure.  


Customers know and have an ‘expectation’ of the level (the Standard), quality service they should receive as a result of trading with these brands.


JWPS works with companies, large and small to help establish their name within their specific industries.  


Increasingly, customers will opt for brands with a good reputation for Quality, Customer Service and recognised expertise within their field.

PAS 2035:2019

Retrofit Assessor Overview of Requirements
£ 150 Per Person
  • 5 Hours CPD on Completion
  • Understanding of Requirements
  • Plastic ID Card Issue on Completion
  • Certificate Awarded

PAS 2030:2019

Installer Overview of Requirements
£ 80 Per Person
  • 2 Hours CPD on Completion
  • Understanding of Installer Requirements
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Good Networking Opportunities

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